Extreme BowHunting

Hunting Packages/Lodging
We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to be made when booking your bow hunting package. We accept cash, credit card, checks, money orders and cashiers checks at this time.

***There will be a 5% convenience charge on all credit card transactions***. There will be a refundable $50/hunter damage/cleaning of lodge fee after approval by ranch guide following your hunt.

Add a blackbuck doe or an axis doe to any package for $75
Add a whitetail doe to any package for $75

1 axis doe, three hogs.  New pasture, partial low fence bordering state park.  Groups of 5 or more get priority booking.
2 day package

Whitetail Deer- 1 Mature WT Buck (8pts or higher), 1 trophy ram (EXCLUDES AOUDAD), 1 ewe,1
goat, any varmints/predators, 2 Hogs.
NOW $1250
4 day package

Safari Hunt- #1 Mature Exotic Buck (EXCLUDES FALLOW), 1 trophy Ram (EXCLUDES AOUDAD), 1 ewe, 1 goat, any varmints/predators, and 2 hogs.
NOW $1500
4 day package

Extreme Safari- 1 Mature WT Buck (8 pts or higher)/ #1 mature Exotic Buck (EXCLUDES FALLOW), 1 trophy ram (EXCLUDES AOUDAD), 1 ewe, 1 goat, any varmints/predators, 2 HOGS
NOW $1750
4 day package

Extreme Supreme- 
1 Red Stag/ 1 Mature WT Buck(8 points or higher)/ 1 mature exotic buck (INCLUDES FALLOW), 1 trophy ram (excludes aoudad), 1 ewe, 1 goat, any varmints/predators, 2 hogs.
NOW $2000
4 day package

#Mature exotic bucks that exclude fallow do include: axis, sitka, blackbuck, or aoudad!

You are only permitted to shoot animals you paid for in your hunt. There will be a replacement fee of $2500 if you violate this rule. Don't shoot if you are unsure. 

Each day of bow hunting includes 1 night of lodging. Our housing area is equipped with a kitchen, shower, DVD/TV, pool table, and BBQ pits. ***Bunk house is a 15 year old double wide.  It is not 5 star but has all the amenities of a normal home.  This is a hunting ranch, not a hunting resort.  If you require special needs/accommodations, please discuss with Caleb prior to your arrival.***  We ask all hunters to supply their own bows, food, drinks and personal items. Hunters may check in at the ranch anytime after 12, and must check out before noon on the last day of hunt. Please let us know if you need special accommodations for your hunt. Non-hunting guests are welcome, ask for details when booking your hunt.

Extreme Bowhunting would like to say good luck to all our hunters and hope we see you again soon.

*Gratuity is not included in pricing. Although it is not required, we recommend 10-15% of your hunt. Our guides are here to assist you with your hunt and help with your overall experience. Please keep them in mind when you leave.

Our cabins have a Texas feel to them and are relaxing for a weekend hunt. Non-hunters can take advantage of beautiful sunsets and rises, spacious campgrounds, and various wildlife and plant life to sight see. Our Texas bow hunting ranch is located in Brackettville, a quaint little town with a lot of character and history. Guests can explore the town before, in between or after their hunting trip.

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