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Extreme Bowhunting has 820 acres of high fenced bow hunting located 16 miles north of Brackettville, TX. We offer do-it-yourself bow hunting for Whitetail, Blackbuck, Wild Hog, Aoudad, Sika, Fallow, Red Deer, Goats, Sheep, Axis, and Turkey.

Lodging is included with every hunt. Our lodge can fit up to 11 people comfortably. Our guides offer assistance and tracking with wounded game. We have ground blinds that are suitable for all weather conditions, and are comfortable for 2 people. We also have tripods and brush blinds available for our more experienced hunters.  Many hunters like to bring a non-hunter to take pictures or film the excitement of the hunt! We provide a winched rack system to skin, clean and quarter game, and a walk-in cooler to store game on-site.

There is a local grocery store available in town, and Wal-mart and HEB located within 30-40 miles. Our ranch is suitable for any skill leveled bowhunter. Come and experience Texas bow hunting at its best.



To view current regulations, laws, and to purchase a hunting license, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website listed below.

Brackettville, TX
40 miles W of Uvalde
122 miles W of San Antonio
32 miles E of Del Rio
46 miles N of Eagle Pass

Brackettville was originated in 1852, and was called Brackett. They later added ville to the name to stop getting confused with another town called Brackett. Bracketville is a small town with a lot of history.

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